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Flashing ass or "mooning" is the willful and direct display of the ass by a woman. Flashing ass is often performed by girlfriends and wives during the presence of their male partner or more. It is typically done by her pulling her skirt up or her pants down for a few seconds. Additionally she might pull her panties down (if she is not pantyless), and this is referred to as a full moon. Flashing ass or mooning is usually combined with a huge grin on her face while looking backwards over her shoulder.

If any distinction can be made between mooning and flashing ass is that a mooning usually consists of the mooner bending at the waist to stick out her ass.

Group moonings are more common amongst those partaking of spirited refreshments. A 30 year tradition in Laguna Niguel, California, is to moon the Amtrak train on the second Saturday of July.

Further Videos and Photos showing Mooning Women

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