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Flashing tits is the quick and temporary display of the tits by a woman. Flashing tits is often performed by girlfriends and wives during the presence of their male partner or more. It is typically done by her pulling her top up for a few seconds given that she is braless under her top. Additionally she might pull her bra up or down (if she is wearing a bra). Flashing tits is usually combined with a huge grin on her face. The fun of flashing tits is independent of her breast size and has been observed on the whole scale from micro tits to big knockers. Is not required to fully expose her tits in order to flash tits. Also allowing a partial sideblouse-view is considered tit flashing. Flashing tits happens everywhere: From private places like home to all kind of public places, while driving car or while on a cruise.

Some Erotic Events specialize in flashing tits. Mardi Gras is perhaps the most famous for flashing tits - payment is usually made in the form of an inexpensive plastic and glass bead necklace. If her tits are exposed to public because someone else pulled up or down her top, it is not called flashing but sharking.

Tit Flash on the Internet

Igor launched the "Instant Tit Flash" section on Voyeurcloud. It allows the instant upload of tit flash photos from PCs and iPhones as well as online tit flashes via webcams. Within less than 4 weeks more than 5000 tit flashes were uploaded. January 2013 the 'Instant Tit Flash' contained more than 42.000 tit flashes.
Instant Tit Flash Section of Voyeurcloud

The 'Titflash' Blog in VCity

There are also thousands of titflash photos and videos in VCity, the erotic playground, under Tit Flash Blog Posts

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