Flashing truckers

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Flashing truckers is a popular hobby among road exhibitionists and a special type of girls flashing in cars. It can make a long trip cross country much more fun and relieve boredom. Care must be taken to avoid accidents, especially at high speeds along the highways, but the rewards are a lifetime of memories for all involved. Flashing truckers might be combined with nude driving.

Methods of Flashing Truck Drivers

The exhibitionist usually takes the codriver's seat in a car and flash boobs and/or pussy when slowly passing trucks. Sometimes they even masturbate. The main reason for exhibitionists to flash mainly truckers is the elevated seat position of the truckers, which allows him a perfect view of the scene within the passing exhibitionist's vehicle. The most extreme type of flashing truckers is public masturbation in cars.

A variation is where the driver is nude or topless. This means she cannot cover herself since she must concentrate on driving. One disadvantage is unless she is driving a convertible with the top down, it is more difficult to see down into the car as she passes the trucker. However, a passenger in the truck can see down and enjoy the show.

Flashing Truck Drivers Photos

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