Foot masturbation

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Foot Masturbation means that a male masturbates and ejaculates on her feet. Usually foot masturbation was not the primary goal of the male, but a follow up on an aborted footjob or footfuck: Unless her legs are really well trained, it is almost impossible for normal women to finish a footjon due to fading muscle power. In cases like this, she can try to complete the footjob by a special type of handjob where she used her hands to stroke his penis while still maintaining skin contact between her feet and his penis or simply give up on the footjob. That is the moment where male masturbation against her feet starts: He starts stroking his own penis with his hands, while rubbing the sensitive top of his penis against her feet. Some men prefer her soles while others prefer the toe region of her feet. At the end of foot masturbartion he will cum onto her feet, thus producing cum feet.

Foot Masturbation Photos

MsC licking cum from her cum feet
Masturbating onto her feet
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