Frozen pussy

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Frozen pussy is a very common method to keep a pussy young and fresh. This is how it works: Whenever her pussy is not required for sex, press a huge piece of ice against her pussy. Remove 20 minutes before sex and put the ice back immediatly after sex. Keeping her pussy on ice for 23 hours a day will work like a freezer works for fresh meat: It will stay fresh forever! Even when your marriage reaches it's 50th anniversary her pussy will still look and feel like the pussy of an 18 years old chick. Unfortunately this method only works for pussies and not for penises as those tend to fall off if kept under ice.
Hint: If there is no ice available for a limited time, she can also use a cold bottle of soda or beer! It will at least keep her pussy in a semi-frozen state, also knows as "sorbet pussy". Frozen pussy can be combined with ice nipples. A special form of [frozen pussy]] is the iced pussy.

If this approach is too radical for you, please check out vent pussy or airing pussy.

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