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Fuck (Verb): Is a sexual activity and describes to engage in sexual sexual intercourse, which means he sticks his penis into some female body part. This done while moving into one of many sex positions. While fucking he usually uses his penis while on her end different body parts might be targeted:


Categories of Fucking by Involved Body Parts

  • Pussy fuck: The most common way to fuck, is to stick his penis into her pussy and to start moving the penis forth and back. There are many different positions to do that, which are inividually discussed under sex positions.
  • Ass fuck: Another common way to fuck is to stick his penis into her anus, which is called assfuck or anal sex.
  • Tit fuck: He can also stick his penis between her tits, which is described under titfuck.
  • Face fuck: If he pumps his penis in her mouth it is called facefuck.
  • Knee fuck: Less common is to fuck her knee, described under knee fuck.
  • Armpit fuck: Also less common is the armpit fuck.

Fuck versus Job

There is an important difference between xyz-fuck and xyz-job: xyz-fuck means he actively fucks xyz by moving his penis in and out while xyz-job means that his penis does not move and xyz moves up and down his penis. In order to understand the difference, you always need to distinguish between the delivering person and the receiving person. In detail:

  • Hand: Handjob vs handfuck

The most common way is her hand moving up and down his penis. In this case she delivers and he receives a handjob. If her hand form an "O" and do not move, while he moves his penis forth and back he delivers and she receives a handfuck.

  • Mouth: Blowjob versus Facefuck

If her mouth moves up and down on his penis, it is a job. The logical correct term would be mouth job, but common language calls this activity blowjob. If her head does not move forth and back and his penis plays the active role by moving in and out of her mouth, the logicaly correct term would be mouthfuck, however common language calls this facefuck.

  • Tits: Titjob versus titfuck

When she lies on her back and he slides his penis back and forth between her tits, he delivers a titfuck. When she is on top of him and slides her tits back and forth on his penis, she delivers as titjob.

  • Armpit: Armpit job versus armpit fuck

She can hardly move her armpit forth and back. The the only common way to have sex with her armpit is delivering an armpit fuck.

  • Ass: Assjob versus assfuck

For some unkown reason both types of activities (he moving his penis forth and back her anus AND her moving her ass forth and back on his penis]] are referred to as assfuck and the term "assjob" is not common.

  • Pussy: Pussy job versus pussy fuck

For some unkown reason both types of activities (he moving his penis forth and back her pussy AND her moving her pussy forth and back on his penis]] are referred to as pussy fuck and the term "pussy job" is not common.

  • Knees: Knee job versus knee fuck

When she actively moves her knee up and down on his non-moving penis, she delivers a knee job. If her knee does not move and his penis moves forth and back in her knee, he delivers a knee fuck.

  • Feet: Foot job versus Foot fuck

When she actively moves her feet up and down on his non-moving penis, she delivers a footjob. If her feet does not move and his penis moves forth and back between her feet, he delivers a footfuck.

Categories of Fucking by Location

  • Home fuck: Fucking at your home
  • Hotel fuck: Fucking at a hotel
  • Bed fuck: Fucking in bed
  • Car fuck: Fucking in a car
  • Plane fuck: Fucking in an airplane
  • Outdoor fucking: Fucking outside a building
  • Public fucking: To fuck in public
  • Beach fuck: To fuck on a beach

Categories of Fucking by Persons

  • Partner fucking: A husband or boyfriend fucks his wife or girlfriend
  • Stranger fuck: Two persons not knowing each other before start fucking each other.
  • Group fuck: More than 3 persons fuck each other somehow

Special Types of Fucking

Followings types of fucking are not exceptions of fucking:

  • The so-called finger fuck, which means to insert a finger into her pussy or anus and start moving the finger in and out.
  • The so-called window fuck, which means to attach a dildo inside a window and to "fuck" the dildo, while people from outside the window might watch the scenery.
  • The so-called facefuck
  • The so-called machine fucking
  • The so-called shoe fuck
  • The so-called bondage sex

Preventing Fucking

The only 100% safe way to prevent someone from fucking her is the use of serious chastity belts.

"Fuck" can also be an adjective as used in "Fuckwit" or "Fucking Jerk." (Also see clusterfuck)

Fuck Photos

Further FuckPhotos

Further photos and videos done by "normal" people showing unstaged fucking can be found on VCity under Fuck Photo and Video Blog

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