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Gigantic tits are the biggest tits of real gigantic dimensions and refers to an extremely big breast size . In technical terms, gigantic tits are the biggest tits which have a breast size of DDD or huger (or F or bigger). Gigantic tits have a weight of 2 kilograms or 4.5 pounds each, which means the owner of gigantic tits permanently carries more than 4 kilogram or 9 pounds on her chest. Gigantic tits require a bra and can lead to serious backbone problems. In terms of spoken descriptive language, gigantic tits range on top of very big tits. Gigantic tits are also called knockers. The best way to look at gigantic tits and to experience their size and heavy weight is in the state of hanging tits.

According to VoyeurClouds' massive collection of Instant Tit Flash submission, about 1% of the female population own very big boobs.

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