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Group Sex is sexual activities amongst more than 2 persons of any gender. The special types of group sex are threesomes which involves 3 persons (1 male + 2 females or 2 males + 1 male) or gangbang which involves one female and more than 2 males.

In general group sex is any type of sexual activity which involves more than two persons of any gender. In practical sexual life, the following types of group sex are common:

  • Foursome between two couples: Two couples (consisting of one female and one male each) perform sex in a foursome way. This type of activity usually focuses on the two girls: The two girls are kissing and licking each other while having sex with two males.
  • Threesome: threesome sex usually is performed between two males and one female or one male and two females.
  • Gangbang: During a gangbang one girl is having sex with several men
  • Orgy: An orgy is a compilation of whatever you can think of.

See also Daisy chain and party.

Photos of Group Sex

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