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Humans have two hands. Although some females feel aggressive males sometimes have more hands than that. Fingers are attached to the hand, and the hand is attached to the wrist. Hands are highly evolved feet and can be used for many important things...

Hands are often used for masturbation. Hands are also used to caress a partner, sometimes to climax. A woman masturbating a male is called a handjob. Males appreciate handjobs, because males are lazy SOBs that enjoy laying back and watching women do the work - and there's nothing wrong with that. A very common sign used by females to signal that there hands are quite good on handjobs is to color their nails, thus leading his view to her hands and triggering his imaginations of how her hands would feel on his dick. The clothing for hands is called gloves. If you want to prevent her from using her hands, you apply handcuffs to her hands. Furthermore she can use her hands for a hand bra or a hand thong.

Marine - showing how sexy gloved hands can be
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