Hands tied to legs

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Hands tied to legs is a simple bondage position which does not require any deeper knowledge of BDSM but is a soft bondage game: The hand of the girl are tied to her legs or her knees are tied together and her hands are tied up in between her raised legs.

There are different ways to achieve this type of bondage. The easiest way is to tie each of her wrists to her lower legs. Other methods are illustrated below. The hands tied to legs position allows easy access to all her lower erogenous zones, including her pussy and ass and allows him to apply any combination of clitoral stimulation and anal stimulation. It also allows him to fuck her pussy or to go for anal sex. In most cases her excitement level is higher if she is blindfolded.

It is also quite common to take several photos of her and to submit those photos to Voyeurcloud.

Hands tied to legs bondage photos

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