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Handsfree masturbation is a type of female masturbation technique where she does not use her hands on her pussy and clit while masturbating. Handsfree masturbation is said to give more excitement to many women compared to involving her hands or fingers on her clit or pussy. There are two different flavors of handsfree masturbation:


Handsfree Masturbation with Hands on Tits

  • Using her hands on her tits only, while teasing her clit or pussy with an attached sex toy like for example a vibrating panty. This handsfree masturbation is frequently used by women who enjoy to use both of their hands on both their sensitive tits and nipples during masturbation. There are many options to keep attach a vibrator to her pussy:
  • The is a number of dedicated sex toys which stay in place either because their are built into a panty or they come with belts to be attached to her body: Vibrating panties, vibrating butterflies with a belt
  • It is easy for her to keep other types of vibrators in place: She can insert a bullet vibrator into her panty or even a regular vibrator.
  • Another common method is to place a regulator vibrator vertically in front of her pussy and to keep her legs tight together.

Photos of handsfree masturbation with hands on tits

Complete Handsfree Masturbation

  • Neither touching her tits nor her pussy with her hands.

This can be achieved for example by Froggy masturbation or by involving her feet into the action as well as by water masturbation or by keeping a sex toy in place while in touch with her clit like for example a vibrating panty. This handsfree masturbation method is used by women who like to enjoy giving the entire control away during masturbation or by enjoying a totally different type of self pleasure without using their hands. One of the most common methods is riding a dildo or pillow humping. Another technique is the crossed legs masturbation.

Photos of Complete Handsfree Masturbation

Other female handsfree masturbation methods include pillow humping and using fucking machines.

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