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High heels: Sexy footwear (which means shoes) for women.

Sexy High Heels

High heels are footwear raising the heel well above the toe. They are so impractical for walking that men admire women who master (mistress?) the art of strutting in them. The effect of raising a female heel above her toes accents her calves, legs, thighs, and buttocks. The height of the heel should exceed 2.5 inch or 6 cm in order to be called a 'high' heel. High heels are a helpful instrument for having sexy legs.

High heels are not to be confused with platforms (high heels with a platform under the toe) that eventually will leave a woman crawling on the floor...

The fetish related to being sexually aroused by high heels is called Altocalciphilia (high heels fetish). Some males enjoy to cum in shoes, which means they masturbate into high heels. Some types of erotic costumes required high heels, like for example the French maid outfit. The popular party game marking territory often involves parked shoes. Women wearing high heels as well as "parked" high heeled shoes are the subject of high heels voyeurism.


Alphabetical List of high-heeled shoes

There are many different types of high heels:

Functions of High Heels

High heels can be considered multifunctional devices. Following list of function is probably not even complete:

  • To elevate her body, e.g. her head above others.
  • To extend the visual length of her legs and to convert normal legs into sexy legs.
  • To make her feet appear smaller.
  • To make her toes appear shorter.
  • To visually modify her body proportions, e.g. her upper body versus her lower body.
  • To keep her from running away.
  • To satisfy the sexual needs of persons suffering from Altocalciphilia, which is also called high heels fetish.
  • To give her feet the shape of an arch, which is of special interest of persons suffering from Aretifism (foot fetish) or more dedicated the arched foot fetish
  • To serve a cum target - see cum shoes
  • To surprise people by wearing high heels at locations where nobody expects her to wear high heels. This is called high heels at wrong places.
  • To deliver shoe jobs.

Heel Rise Heights

Of course, high heels come in many different heights. The most common rises are:

  • Under 4 inches. These are normally called heels and not high heels.
  • 4 inches. This is the standard rise of high heels.
  • 5 inches. Stripper shoes are characterized by 1 inch extra over the standard heel rise.
  • 6 inch platforms. Stripper platforms are characterized by a 5 inch rise plus a platform making up the balance. eg: a 6 inch platform shoe is typically a 5 inch rise from toe to heel and a 1 inch platform under the whole foot. Within the last years this height has become trendy and is worn by "normal" women as well. The common expression for these type of heels is very high heels.
  • 6 inch rises. These are Fetish Shoes, such as ballet point shoes. The difference in height from the toe to the heel is 6 inches or more. The foot cannot bend normally through these heights so usually the toe is pointed to the ground.

In less academic terms, the height of the heel described as

  • High heels: The standard height
  • Very high heels: The maximum height of heels which still allows the woman to walk in these shoes. The height varies with her shoe size.
  • Fuckme shoes: Heels which are so high that it is impossible to walk more than a few steps in those shoes. Mainly worn in bed and for photography.

Types of high heels

  • Stiletto: A tall, very slim heel with minimum height of 3 inches and diameter of no more than 0.4 inch at the bottom. Often made out of metal.
  • Cone heels: A round heel that is broad where it meets the sole of the shoe and noticeably narrower at the bottom. A type of standard heel.
  • Kitten heels: A short, slim heel with maximum height under 4 inches and diameter of no more than 0.4 inch at the bottom.
  • Prism: Three flat sides that form a triangle at the bottom.
  • Wedge heels: Occupies the entire space under the arch and heel portions of the foot.

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