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Hooters has several meanings:

Hooters Restaurants and Hotel

Hooters Restaurants and Hotel is a restaurant chain in the US, which does not primarily promote the quality of their food but the sexual quality of their attractive waitresses. Most of their visible employees are supposed to be sexy women, wearing a white t-shirt with the hooters logo and shorts. Their legs are covered by pantyhose and their typical footwear are sneakers. It is quite obvious that breast size is also important to work at Hooters: Quite many Hooter girls have big tits or very big tits. It can be assumed that many hooters girls go braless, because the view of poking nipples is normal at Hooters locations.

Hooters for Tits

Hooters is also an euphemism for tits. Hooters seems to be more prevalent as an expression in America's southern states.

Origins are unknown. Some believe it is the response females baring their breasts to males invoke - HOOT! Although, this is unlikely. Others believe it is because when those females bare their breasts, male eyes become as large as owl eyes. The favorite reasoning is that when said female bare her breasts to a crowd a of admiring men, "What a hoot!" is her response.

Nude Hooters Girls

Quite many Hooters Girls published went topless on Voyeurcloud, some of them even want fully nude. Photo samples:

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