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A Hotel is a place with pay by the day or hour rooms, made exclusively to have sex in with a hot girl. No other locations have so many beds under one roof. Typically with cheap art and polyester bedspreads.
And the beauty is, someone else will clean up the cum stains for you! There are rumors that some people use these rooms to rest or sleep in. VC does not subscribe to this theory.
For some reason hotels seem to trigger the female sexual phantasy and thus lead to

  • more intense partner sex, if staying at the hotel together
  • female masturbation, if she stays at a room be herself. Almost 92% of all women stated, that they always masturbate at least once during a stay at the hotel. This fact makes a hotel a very prominent masturbation location.

Please keep in mind that other like minded people have done the same thing where you are doing it and the cleaning staff is often pissed off...


Things you can do in a hotel room

(Need pics for the following)

Things you can do outside of a hotel room

Images at Hotels

Things best NOT to do in a hotel room

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