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Hotel Flashing is a playful form of hotel exhibitionism which typically happens when ladies are away from their home town and staying in a nice hotel room. Getting naked in a hotel room is like getting naked in a strange place. This causes deep emotions to run wild inside the naked lady. If she can be naked inside a strange room, there is no reason she cannot be naked outside of that room as well. Thus begins, hotel flashing.

The rules are simple: (1) in a hotel public area, (2) get naked.

Since other guests come and go at all hours, there is always a risk of being caught. This adds to the excitement and thrill. Besides, getting caught is a good laugh for both couples - both presumably on vacation and there for a good time. Hotel managers are typically tolerant of naked hotel games, as long as other guests do not complain. The manager does not care if you walk the halls naked to fill an ice bucket. If you run, someone may call the front desk to complain of the noise.



Fun is stripping down and stepping outside your hotel room door and counting to a hundred. Some hold their key, and some flip the deadbolt to keep the door from locking them out.

More Fun

More Fun is doing the fun thing but taking a few steps up or down the hall. The trusting types will allow their partner to hold the room key.

Lots of Fun

Lots of Fun is doing the more fun thing but realizing you grabbed the wrong key card and have to go to the front desk to get back into your room.

Naked Contri Dares to Try

Each to be done as Bare as you Dare:

  1. Open your curtains and turn on the room lights
  2. Step outside your hotel room door
  3. Pose by the elevator doors
  4. Pose in the elevator (glass preferred)
  5. Walk down/up a flight of stairs
  6. Fill an ice bucket
  7. Order room service/sign the bill
  8. Walk on another floor's hallway
  9. Pose in the exercise room
  10. Skinny dip in the pool/whirlpool
  11. Pose in the laundry room
  12. Pose overlooking the lobby (or in background)
  13. Pose in the lobby
  14. Pose at the front desk
  15. Pose outside by the hotel sign
  16. Play in the hotel parking lot/garage
  17. Pose next to the cleaning maid's cart
  18. Swap wet towels for clean ones with the maid in the hallway
  19. Streak the dining room/bar
  20. Unplug the TV and call for room service to fix it

A hotel towel can be used as a security blanket for newbies, but the real thrill is no excuses naked.

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