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Instant Tit Flash is a new photo section on Voyeurcloud. This section allows the direct upload of photos focused on flashing tits from

  • Harddrives
  • iPhones
  • Webcams

While tittie photos uploaded from harddrives are usually prerecorded, iPhone pictures might be done in realtime and webcam shots must be done in realtime. Within less than 4 weeks more than 5000 tit shots were uploaded. At peek times new tit flashes are uploaded every 2 minutes. The tit flash photo section allows sorting by breast size, country and many more criteria:

Instant Tit Flash Section of Voyeurcloud

Tit flashes filtered by breast size:
Extremely big tits

Very big tits

Big tits

Medium tits

Small tits

Very small tits

Tit flashes filtered by other criteria :

Self Shot tits
iPhone tits

The instant tit flash section has very strict rules regarding the nature of the photo: Sunbathing or taking a shower is not considered tit flash, as well as showing ass or pussy. About 10% of the submitted photo are selfpics. Unlike all other Voyeurcloud sections the uploaded photos are not reviewed by a screener first but directly published within two minutes. Each entry has an "alert" button for the users which will trigger a screener. Most inappropriate photos are being reported in less than 20 minutes. The tit flash section has no awards is planned to go on for several years. It features a "self-removal" function which allows contributors to pull their images in realtime whenever desired.

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