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Kinky masturbation means to masturbate in a kinky, uncommon or unexpected way or to use uncommon female masturbation techniques. Kinky masturbation might be performed by moving into an uncommon body position, by using uncommon toys or tools or by masturbating at uncommon locations. As long as the person masturbating does it for her own fun there is nothing wrong about kinky masturbation. Also it is up to sexual standards of the reader, whether any of the masturbation types is considered kinky or common. Any articles listed below might appear kinky to one reader and appear normal to another reader.

The following list of kinky female masturbation techniques were reported or illustrated to be practiced by quite many women, however only on rare occasion as a special masturbation event every now and then and considered kinky by the majority of our readers.


Articles about Kinky Masturbation

Blindfolded Masturbation

Bondage Masturbation

Self bondage Masturbation

Nipple-only Masturbation

Mobile Masturbation

Public Masturbation

Handsfree Masturbation

Enforced Masturbation

Masturbation with Vegetables

Masturbation with Large Objects

Masturbating in pantyhose

Masturbation in Front of a Window

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