Knee job

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Knee job is a rare sex position between males and mostly females. For a knee job both partners lie flat on their backs beside each other. She bends her knee which is at his side in a way that it forms a crease and squeezes the shaft of his penis between her lower thigh and upper calf. Due to the applied pressure his penis will start to further erect, especially the head of his penis. She now starts moving her hand up and down the head of his penis while changing the applied pressure of her knee. If he starts moving his penis in and out of her folded knee it is not called knee job but knee fuck. Lubrication is recommended for a successful knee job. Pantyhose fetishists prefer her legs dressed in pantyhose or stockings during knee fuck rather than legs being nude.

Kneejob Photos

Her knee brought into a kneejob position Man enjoying a kneejob
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