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Her labia majora are a part of her pussy also known as pussy lips: The labia majora are two prominent longitudinal cutaneous folds which extend downward and backward from the mons pubis to the perineum and form the lateral boundaries of the cleft of venus, which contains the interlabial sulci, clitoral hood, clitoral glans, frenulum clitoridis, and the vulval vestibule, which contains the external openings of the urethra and the vagina. With increasing sexual arousal both sets of labia will expand and the inner labia will frequently become visible between the outer labia. Leaving aside the scientific descriptions: Labia majora are her visible pussy lips shaping the entrance to her inner pussy. Pussy lips come in all different shapes and dimensions: Pussy lips might be very thin or thick. Pussy lips react to temperature as well as to sexual stimulation and change their size. The labia majora are the outer lips of a pussy. Her inner pussy lips are called labia minora. In order to enlarge her labia major a pussy pump is attached to her pussy. Labia majora is what you see when you look at a photo showing her cameltoes. Labia majora is the only part of her pussy which grows pubic hair.

Photos of labia majora

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Many photos and videos from amateurs showing labia can be found in VCity, the erotic playground, under Labia Photo Blog

Other names

  • funlips
  • funolipos
  • tulips (two lips)
  • Homer lips
  • firelips (caused by red pubic hair on the lips)
  • Scanolips (sitting on a scanner)

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