Labia minora

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The labia minora (formerly known as "nymphae") are two small folds of skin that occur between the labia majora and the sides of the vaginal opening. The clitoris is found where the folds of the labia minora met at the top. Additional anatomical information can be found here

The labia minora are the inner flaps or lips of a pussy. Contributors with highly visible lips are often dubbed Lippy. Some girls feel embarrassed if they are very lippy and try to conceal it, but many lippy girls are very popular and have a lot of fun. If pronounced when standing, the labia minora is sometimes called a shark fin.

Photos of Inner Pussy Lips

Inner pussy lips known as labia minora
The labia minora is also called meat flaps - tasty, juicy, and raw

Slang for labia minora:

  1. Roast beef
  2. Meat curtain
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