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Lesbian Sex are sexual activities engaged in by two or more women that prefer sexual relationships with only women.

A bisexual female may engage in sex with another women, but she would not be considered a lesbian. Sex between two women is normally considered a lesbian act.


Common Lesbian Sex Positions

Common lesbian sex includes:

Girls sucking on each others' Nipples

Lesbian Nipple Sucking

One girl sucks on the nipples of the other girl. This activity can be combined with other lesbian activities. Discussed in detail under Girl sucking nipples

Eating Pussy

One girl performs eating pussy on the other girl: Read and see more under Girl eating pussy and Girl on girl facesitting

Lesbian 69er

Lesbian 69er

Both girls move into the 69 position and start eating each others' pussy. A very common lesbian technique. Read more under Lesbian sixtynine .

Finger fuck

Lesbian Finger Fuck

One girl performs finger fuck on the other girl. Can be performed by both girls at the same time.

Usage of Strap-On toys

One of the two women used her Strap-On toy on the other woman usually simulating a penis with the strap-on performing Strap-on sex.

Usage of double-headed dildos

Each of the two girls inserts one end of a double-headed dildo into her pussy or anus. Then both girls start moving forth and back which leads the double headed dildo to act like pumping in and out. This is called Doubleheaded Dildo Girl Girl Wfi.

Rubbing pussy against the other pussy

The clit on clit position

Also a very common lesbian position: Both girls position themselves opposite each other their pussies facing the other girls' pussy. Now they start rubbing their pussies and clits against the other pussy and clit. Read and see more under clit on clit.

Lesbian Sex

More Lesbian Sex Photos

Many photos and videos from amateurs showing their lesbian sex can be found in VCity, the erotic adult playground, under Lesbian Sex Photo Blog

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