Lifting skirts

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Lifting skirts is a popular voyeuristic party game and a new naked sport at Voyeurcloud . It involves

  • One "target" girl, who must be wearing a skirt, the shorter the better, and should be looking sexy
  • One "action" person, also called the skirt-lifter. The job of the action person is to engage the "target girl" in some type of conversation and activity and at the same time to lift the target girl's skirt without her noticing it. The action person usually is a girl.
  • One to many (mostly male) spectators. It is OK to place bets about the type, shape and color of the target girl's panties (if any at all), as well as to document the moment with cameras as well as to submit the best results to Voyeurcloud.

Reminder: This party game is about "looking" and "documenting" only. It is not OK to stick your finger into the target girl's anus!!

The action girl at the right lifting the skirt of the target girl at the left, while the spectators are cashing in their bets.
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