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Lipstick is a cosmetic product designed for women and gays to apply color to their lips. The term lipstick both applies to the device containing the color ("Darling: Where did I put my lipstick") as well as to the color pigments itself ("What type of lipstick do you wear?").

  • The lipstick device is a penis shaped applicator.
The penis shaped lipstick device

  • The procedure of applying lipstick never happens at home but is usually performed while sitting in cars, both by female drivers and codrivers or in the ladies room of any restaurant.
  • The main purpose of the lipstick color is to highlight the mouth area of the weares, thus telling everybody around that her mouth is ready and willing to give a blowjob now.
  • If get sexually aroused by watching women applying lipstick, you have a lipstick fetish.
  • The quality of a lipstick can easily be tested by sucking on a dildo.
Giving a blowjob with lipsticked lips

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