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1. Lubrication: also called lube: Makes the world go round and helps certain objects slide into tight places (see: Anal sex) especially when there is a lack of pussy juice. Sex lubricant eases insertion and reduces friction during sexual intercourse. Lubricants are base on different chemistry. Not every lubricant is recommended for any purpose:

Water based lubricants
Water based lubes are the most common type of lubes. They may come with odor, taste or without odor and tasteless. Water based lubes are absorbed by the skin and evaporate during sexual activities, which means you have to apply water based lubes again and again and again. On the other hand water base lubes disappear by themselves after a short while and do not have any effect on condoms or sex toys. Water based lubes are recommended for initial pussy sex (until she produces enough pussy juice) and for sex toy fun. Due to the required re-lubrication water based lubes are not recommended for anal sex or handjobs.
Silicone based lubricants
Silicone based lubricants are more expensive than water based lubricants. Silicone based lubes do not disappear during sex and will provide good lubrication for a long time. Silicone based lubes can be washed off easily after sex. Silicone lubes are recommended for handjobs (which are not followed by a blowjob because silicone lubes do not taste good), footjob and footfuck, tit fuck and titjob , knee fuck and knee job, armpit fuck, butt crack sliding and anal sex. Silicone lubes should not be used on sex toys made of silicone and not be used on condoms, because silicone lube might disintegrate those.
Oil based lubricants
Oil based lubricants like Vaseline are very common. Oil based lubes disintegrate latex, which means it should never be used on condoms. Furthermore oil based lubes are very sticky and hard to remove after sex. Oil based lubes should not be entered into her body. That means the only use for oil based lubes are handjobs followed by a long and intensive wash of his penis.
First Help Lubricants
If there is absolutely no lube around and you need it so badly, you should use normal face lotion for lubrication, which usually is a combination of water based and oil based ingredients. Do not use butter or any type of kitchen oil.

2. Also used to describe the aftermath of an ejaculation: "I lubricated her face" means: I shot a full load of cum right into her face.

Common Lubricants for Sex

  • KY jelly
  • Anal-eze
  • Astroglide
  • Motion Lotion
  • Slippery When Wet
  • Joy Jelly
  • Slick & Slide
  • ID Glide
  • Sex Grease
  • Liquid Sex
  • Fun Foam
  • Me So Horny Cream
  • Wet Sugar Free (for those on a diet I guess)
  • Saliva...

Examples of things requiring Lubrication

Further Lubrication Articles

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