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Recommended Main Articles About Sexual Topics

Are you a newbie on this sex wiki? These following main articles are recommended entry points regarding common sex-oriented subjects! Or type anything you want into the search box at the left side!


Voyeurism : Dozens of articles with many photos covering every aspect of voyeurism you can think of: downblouse, upskirts, candid women on the street, beach voyeurism, asscrack voyeurism, see-through voyeurism and many other areas of voyeurism as well as typical locations for photo hunters and more. Probably the most comprehensive knowledge base about voyeurism. Many articles are maintained and illustrated by the master minds of Voyeurism: Igor and crew!


Two Vibrators on pussy.jpg
Masturbation : Everything about male and female masturbation: the most common masturbation locations, masturbation techniques, kinky masturbation, sex toys used for masturbation, masturbation photos, trends in masturbation and much more

Everything about Pussy


Pussy : Everything about pussy, the anatomy of her pussy, how to tease her pussy, how she teases her pussy, the smell of her pussy, the ingredients of pussy juice and much more!

Common and uncommon Sex positions

Pussy on top.jpg

Sex positions : Lots of normal and uncommon sex positions - described and photo documented!



Blowjob : How many blowjob techniques do you know? Did you ever go for an underwater blowjob or blindfolded blowjob or a handless blowjob? The main blow job article explains it all!

Everything about Handjobs

Handjob : Whatever you would like to know about handjobs, handjob grips, handjob positions, handjob techniques and much more!

Handjob onto pantyhose legs.jpg

Kinky Main Entry Points

If you are more on the kinky side of life, you might find your biggest sexual thrill in one of the main articles below:

Everything about public Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism : All aspects of exhibitionism, including flashing tits or pussy, mobile masturbation, public sex and much more!

Car exhibitionism4.jpg

What's your Fetish?

Fetish : Listing almost every known sex fetish on this planet: cum fetish, costume fetish, shoe fetish, pantyhose fetish and dozens of more. Chances are low that you do not find your kinky side of sex life!

WifeKim submissive.jpg

Searching and Viewing: Getting started

Type a "search-term" into the box at the left. If VoyeurCloud's Wiki does not find any information related to that search term, you can start that page (after you registered) yourself. If you are not satisfied with the search result, you can add your own knowledge (text, images, links) to the page in question. Click help if you are a first time user.

Adding your knowledge and images: Getting started

ANYBODY can become an author by registering yourself for free.

The 'netiquette' of our Wiki system can be found here and editing/formatting tips are here.

Voyeurcloud is about erotic and fun: Illustrate your articles, and don't put up too much of dry text.


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