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Male masturbation (also called "jerking") is commonly practiced but rarely shared as an open subject of conversation amongst a male's peer group out of fear of ridicule and/or perception of being a man who needs to masturbate because they may not have a sex partner to satisfy their needs. Men utilize many different methods and modes of stimulation to achieve a solo orgasm. The most common tends to be the use of one or both hands to stroke the penis to ejaculation, which basically means that most men give themselves a handjob.

The most common body positions for a man to masturbate are to lie down, to stand or to be seated. The later ones is mostly done when on a computer or watching porn on TV: Since men are typically stimulated by visual images, the use of pornography is a common tool, whether via still pictures or movies/video. While use of pornography is a common practice, men can also find sufficient stimulation in non-pornographic images, including, but not exclusive to, pictures of female celebrities that they can then use to trigger sexual fantasies that lead to ejaculation. It is reported that some heterosexual men are stimulated by images of homosexual male activity, even though they may never want to nor feel the need to act on the fantasy of a physical encounter with another male.

The typical male masturbation is to stroke his own dick. He might add lubrication in order to get a more realistically simulated of penetrating a pussy. Besides masturbating in privacy it also quite common for many women to masturbate in front of their girls as part of the couple's sex play.


Male Masturbation Photos

A man stroking his cock

Male Masturbation with a Cum Target

Quite many men enjoy to target something or someone when masturbation with their cum

Male Masturbation targeting female items

Read more about male masturbation under cum on her stuff, which is a common type of male masturbation. This type of masturbation is always performed in privacy without the knowledge of the owner of the items. Articles about special male masturbation methods:

leading to cum stains on or in following female items:

Male Masturbation targeting Women

Of course this type of masturbation cannot be performed in privacy and is usually a part of a couple's sex life.

Although this type of masturbation requires a woman to be around, the woman does not know about his activities:

The most extreme type of male masturbation targeting women:

  • Cum sharking: To attack unaware women in public with his ejaculation

Male Masturbation targeting other items

Dressed up Male Masturbation

Some men enjoy to wear female clothing items during masturbation.

  1. Male masturbation in her panty: He wears her panty while masturbating
  2. Male masturbation in pantyhose: He wears her pantyhose while masturbating

Public Male Masturbation

Some men enjoy to masturbate in public, however this type of activity can get them easily into jail in most countries. See public wanking.

Male Masturbation Locations

The most common locations for male masturbation are:

  • in bed
  • in front of computer
  • in front of TV while watching porn
  • in a restroom
  • under shower
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