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Marking territory is a fetish, a popular party game and can be considered a sexual prank. It is the public variation of cum on her stuff-masturbation. It involves a male marking person (aka 'the creamer) and a female 'victim', most preferably the hottest or most arrogant woman at the party. The creamer chooses a victim of his choice. His goal is to ejaculate either on a personal belonging of the victim or onto the victim herself. The most common procedures of marking territory are

  • Shoe marking: The creamer obtains possession of the victim's unattended high heels, quite often abandoned as parked shoes while the victim is dancing, takes the shoes into the restroom and ejaculates into her shoes before putting them back. The goal is achieved when she steps back into her shoes while the jizz is still wet and sticky. As the creamer has little choice to determine for sure when the victim will be putting on her temporarily parked shoes, success is not guaranteed. Failure is getting caught and having to be rush the emergency room to have her high heel removed from your skull.
  • Cell phone marking: The creamer goes for the unattended cell phone of the female victim and masturbates right on it. The preferred cell phones are folding cell phones and the creamer leaves his jizz on the unfolded phone before folding it back up. He then puts the cell phone back and calls the victim anonymously. Success is achieved when his cum drips from the ear, hand and maybe chin of the victim. Since the introduction of the iphone, cum on iphone is of special interest, because she either lifts the creamed display to her ear or moves her fingers on the messy iphone screen.
  • Purse marking: The creamer goes for the unattended purse of the female victim and masturbates right in it, thus generating cum in purse. He then puts the purse back. Success is achieved when her hand enters her cum loaded purse. Failure is achieved when the purse is swung around and knocks out the marker cold.
  • Glass marking:: Glass marking means to ejaculate on the body of her wine or cocktail glass (not into her drink) and then trying to cover the outside of the glass as much as possible. Success has been achieved when jizz is dripping from her hands, or even better from her lips.
  • Body marking: Bodymarking is the master degree of a creamer. He ejaculates a huge load on her, preferably on a black skirt from behind or from the side without her noticing it. Then he spreads the rumor, that his victim loves to give quick blow jobs on parties.

Creamers only have one shot so the victim must be carefully picked. Usually several creamers rotten together, so it is not very unlikely that after the first victim noticed that she has been a target of marking territory, others will notice soon. The face expression of a victim is mostly quite amusing.

Caution: It has been reported that boyfriends of the victims might not be amused when their girl has been marked, which might lead to ugly situations and loss of teeth.

Golden Rule: If several "creamers" come together to target several victims, they should coordinate their timing: At the moment the first victim finds out about the cream on herself, all other victims must have already been creamed. Experience shows that it is almost impossible to cream another victim after people are aware of the ongoing creaming activities!

Using artificial cum instead of real jizz: It is feasible to use artificial cum, but it is much less fun. However the face expression of the victim will be the same.

Listing about other popular items to jizz on: Cum on her stuff

Update on Marking Territory July 2011

During the 5 last huge private Igor parties with around 200 guests each the following items were marked (and the markings were verified by independent witnesses)

  • 11 parked high heels
  • 3 lipsticks
  • 4 purses
  • 1 fashion hat from inside (!)
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses
  • 2 iphones
  • 2 other smartphones
  • 1 backup pantyhose lifted from her purse and returned
  • 1 standing leg wearing nylons from behind at the bar
  • 1 shoulder of a seated girl from behind (that looked funny!)
  • 1 Audi A4 driver's seat in leather (after her keys were lifted from her purse)
  • 1 nasal spray inside the bottle (that was over the edge!!!)
  • 1 set of funky headphones, both loudspeakers from inside
  • 1 bottle of mouth spray lifted from her purse and returned without her noticing
  • 2 ladies' jackets from inside
  • 1 driver license
  • 1 ATM card

Please do not hesitate to document your own achievements under Cum on her stuff and cum on her clothes!

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