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A massager also known as Magic Wand Massager is normally intended to be used on sore muscles. However, they can also be used as a (very strong!) vibrating sex toy and common masturbation toy used for clit masturbation and clitoral stimulation thus turning the massager into a sex toy. Massagers are not designed for insertion, otherwise they would be called vibrators. Due to the powerful electrical motor, most massagers can be plugged directly into power outlets. Some massagers have rechargeable batteries. The first massager was the Hitachi Magic Wand, which was introduced to the market around 1970. Nowadays there are dozens of products on the market. Massagers provide vibrations around 6000 rpm with a vibrating mass of 80 grams. A regular vibrator runs at speeds around 3000 rpm with a vibrating mass of 5 grams, which means the vibrations generated by a massager are 10 to 30 times more intensive thus leading to fast and intensive orgasms und thus quite often used for vibrator masturbation.

Massagers are quite often used for forced orgasms.

Massager Masturbation Photos

Holding a massager against her clit.
Clit masturbation with a massager
The first Hitachi Massager.

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