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Masturbation during sex is a type of mainly female masturbation and is considered a female masturbation technique which occurs during male-centric sexual activities of her. Performing handjobs or blowjobs or even anal sex usually do not trigger a woman to orgasm. If he does not trigger her senses manually while his penis is busy on or with other body parts of her, he will be the only one reaching an orgasm. It is getting more and more common, that she will self-stimulate herself during these types of sexual activities. Some women even enjoy playing with him and herself at the same time more than they enjoy being stimulated by him. Masturbation during sex gives her the complete control of the timing of the two orgasms and can be the only method to reach their two climaxes at the same moment. Some women have reported that these type of orgasms are actually more intense than some other positions, but this is highly subjective.

Masturbation during Sex Photos

Masturbation during sex while giving a BJ
Masturbation during sex while giving a BJ
Masturbation while sex while by TBlonde

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