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Masturbation voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on watching or/and videotaping or/and photographing women who are masturbating. The main targets of masturbation voyeurs are their own spouses as well as neighbors.

In order to achieve his goal, a typical masturbation voyeur uses the following approaches:


Masturbation voyeurism of Girlfriends and Wives

Covert cameras are planted into prominent masturbation locations like for example the sleeping room, the restroom, the bathroom, her home office and/or the living room. Usually these cameras are triggered by time and/or movement. The cameras are usually small observation cameras or even nowadays small WiFi-enabled cameras which transmit directly to a connected hard drive. In order to "trigger" a masturbation-act, the masturbation voyeur often tries to stimulate her while away, like for example leaving an adult video in the DVD player or by sending her email, which looks like spam email for an adult site.

Masturbation voyeurism of neighbors

This type of masturbation voyeurs requires special camera equipment which allows to look into the windows of the neighborhood mainly at night. Windows of bath rooms and sleeping rooms are the primary target are frequently scanned at night. Neighboring types of this type of voyeurism include neighbor voyeurism and night voyeurism.

Further Usage of the obtained Masturbation Voyeurism Footage

After successfully documenting the act of masturbation of the "victim", the footage is usually used to

  • jack off while looking at it
  • to distribute the masturbation voyeur photos and videos on the internet

Masturbation Voyeurism Photos

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