Masturbation with large objects

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Masturbation with large objects is a type of masturbation where she favors the insertion of large objects into her pussy: Large means that the object has much bigger dimensions than a male penis.

These objects can be specially designed huge dildos or vibrators as well as vegetables like cucumbers or bottles. Pussy lubrication is essential when inserting huge objects. Based on the number of contributions at Voyeurcloud dealing with large object and the feedback left by the members, it is safe to say that there are much more viewers who like to see that than girls who enjoy this type of masturbation. The reason why so many males are excited by objects which are somehow out of proportion might somehow be related to a small penis size of those men who enjoy watching this. Masturbation with large objects requires serious pussy lubrication or asshole lubrication! Frequent masturbation with large objects might cause over-stressing the structure of her pussy or anus and cause permanent widening of her best parts. Mother Nature can handle the infrequent stretching and return to the previous tight pussy, for a pregnant woman can stretch at the end of her pregnancy.

Photos of Masturbation with Large Objects

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