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Masturbation with vegetables also known as "Veggie Masturbation" is a type of female masturbation where she favors the insertion of natural vegetables or fruits into her pussy and/or anus. The list of vegetables used for insertion includes all typed of fruits and vegetables which are dildo-shaped, especially

  • Bananas, both peeled and unpeeled.
  • Cucumbers of all sizes
  • Corn
  • Eggplants

The vegetable should be removed from the refrigerator at least 2 hours before usage and washed carefully. Too be on the safe side it is recommended to use a condom on the vegetable. If used for anal masturbation lubrication is required. Masturbation with vegetable is only satisfying for women who enjoy vagina oriented stimulation (insertion stimulation) because their clit is hardly be stimulated by the vegetables or who enjoy anal stimulation. The reasons to masturbate with vegetables are

  • No artificial materials, low risk of allergies
  • The woman can pick any size, thickness, length which she enjoys
  • Can be bought any grocery store
  • Do not to be hidden from kids
  • Allows her to experiment with different sizes

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