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A Micro bikini, also called microkini or microbikini is a style of very sexy swimwear for women.
It is a minimized bikini or monokini having just enough material to cover her pussy (although if unshaven, one can often see some hair) and nipples, not more.

The first large scale producer of micro bikinis was Wicked Weasel in the year 2000 later on followed by "Mirtylla bikinis" in 2012. Micro bikinis are considered to enhance the "sex appeal" of the wearer. Not every body is right for a micro bikini....

The main mission of a microkini is to cover her nipples, parts of her anus and her pussy with a minimum amount of material for the enjoyment of the viewer and the sexy "exposed" feelinf for the wearer. When a nude beach is not permitted, wearing a microkini avoids legal issues, and demonstrates the absurdity of anti-nudity laws.

The advantages for the lady are:

  • A wet micro bikini dries within seconds.
  • 10 micro bikinis take as much space in your luggage as one regular bikini
  • Micro bikinis produce very unique and sexy tanlines

Bikinis which cover just a little bit more than a micro bikini are called mini bikini: Micro bikinis do not cover her ass at all, while mini bikinis cover a little part of her ass. Also mini bikinis cover just a little bit more of her boobs than a micro bikini. Too make it easy: If you look at her from the rear and see only straps, you are most likely looking at a lady wearing a micro bikini. If you see some little piece of fabric, you are most likely looking at a mini bikini.

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