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Milking primarily is the act of removing milk from pregnant tits. In a wider meaning milking might also describe the act of generating a man's ejaculation.


Bodyparts that can be milked

  • Her tits: Her tits can be milked by hands or machine. Her tits can be milked by herself or other persons.
  • His penis: His penis can be milked by hands or machine. His penis can be milked by himself, which would be called masturbation or by someone else. Milking a penis leads to his orgasm.

Methods of Milking

In general milking always involves some kind of mechanical and/or vacuum stimulation.

Hand Milking her Tits

Hand milking is performed by massaging her pregnant tits and applying some pressure to her nipples, which is usually achieved by squeezing her nipples between two fingers while at the same time applying some mild pressure on her tits. The media player is loading... Marilyn milking her tits

Milking her own tits by TerryGirl
Milking her own tits by Sophie

Machine Milking her Tits

Machine milking her pregnant tits is done by nipple pumping: A suction device is being attached to her nipples:

Milking her own tits with a nipple pump by Lukine

Hand Milking his Penis

This type of procedure is discussed under handjob.

Machine Milking his Penis

This is achieved by applying a penis pump combined with any type of vibrations to his penis.

Fetishes related to Milking

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