Missionary sex variations

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Missionary sex variations refer to the different sex positions based on the standard Missionary sex position:

Based on the missionary position, the following variations are known:


Variations of the standard Missionary sex position:

Male Standing Missionary

  • The penetrated partner lies on her back. Her legs are spread either straight, pulled up toward her chest, or wrapped around her partner.
  • The penetrating partner stands or kneels in front of the woman, facing her, and penetrates her pussy with his penis or applying anal sex.
Variation of the missionary

Legs-Up missionary

  • The women raises her legs.
  • She might bend her knees in the position or keeping her legs straight pointing up
  • She might even pull her legs back with her hands as much as she can. This is the most extreme legs-up missionary position. By pulling her legs back, her hip will naturally arch towards her, which means that "angle of attack" changes upward. Furthermore it allows her to watch his penis moving in and out of her pussy. Instead of her pulling her legs back also he can pull her legs back by placing her legs on his shoulders and moving his shoulders towards her face.
The "Legs-Up Missionary"
The extreme "Legs-Up Missionary" with her legs pulled back.

Missionary threesome

Can be performed by two men and one woman or between two woman and one man. Read more under missionary threesome

Anal Missionary

The anal missionary is used for anal sex. See article: Missionary anal-sex position

Tied missionary

  • She is tied up during the missionary sex, unable to move her hands and/or legs. Her legs can be tied either spread open (she is unable to close her legs) or in a tight position, where she is unable to spread her legs.
  • The tied missionary is often practiced during bondage games.
MsC performing Tied missionary
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