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The human mouth is covered by upper and lower lips, and is part of the face. The mouth is essential for oral sex and for kissing. Inside of a mouth you find a tongue and usually teeth. Right upon a mouth you can see a nose.

The female mouth was mainly made for giving blow jobs, but can also be used to eat food and drink beverages and in some cases to for drinking cum. In the later case her mouth turns into a cum mouth. The mouth is the important body part to express moods and feelings, like for example a smile. Her moith is considered to be one of her three sexual holes. Sex toys designed for her mouth include ball gags and other type of gags. Furthermore the mouth is the center of oral sex.

Example:Sienna's Mouth
Example: Krista's freshly fucked mouth

ES: Boca

See also : Sperm / Oral sex.

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