Naked girls in libraries

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Naked girls in libraries is a type of exhibitionism: It seems to be quite common for sexy girls to get naked or semi-nude in a library. The cause for this behavior is unknown. There might be a stimulating effect from the old books or old buildings. The girl enters the library fully dressed and capture the stages of undressing herself on several photos.

Knowledge is king, and the king gets his way. Libraries contain the vast sum of human knowledge, and therefore, naked ladies are what everyone wants, kings included.
Libraries are public places, yet you can spend all day in some sections and never see another soul. Getting naked in the stacks carries lower risk in a library than, say a book store. However, that lower risk is not zero. Librarians still restock books, and other patrons may have a strange sense of desire to read certain reference books.
Dewey Decimals are sexy. Girls cannot help themselves: 704.9421 - please use these numbers only in case of emergency... hot librarian.

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