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Natural tits are tits that have not undergone breast enlargement or any other type of plastic surgery. If a women has uncomfortably large breasts, and decides to undergo breast reduction surgery, her breasts are still considered to be all natural if the results are a product of her own tissue. Natural breasts refer to the shape of her breasts being a product of her natural tissue, not in any way affected by artificial means. Tits, which have undergone artificial shaping are called enhanced tits. Due to ongoing progress of plastic surgery it becomes more and more difficult to visually distinguish betweeb natural tits and enhanced tits. However you figure out the difference in most cases by touching and squeezing her tits.

Photos of Natural Tits

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Hundreds of photos and videos done by amateurs and voyeurs showing natural tits can be found on VCity under VCity's Photo and Video posts tagged with Natural Tits

Voyeurcloud Photo collection of Natural Tits

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