Neighbor voyeurism

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Neighbor voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on videotaping or photographing one's neighbors. In many cases "serious" neighbor voyeurs install several cameras trying to catch as much as possible 24 by 7. A major headache for a neighbor voyeur is the daily review of endless hours of video, which can prove very time-consuming for very limited results.

The main goal of a neighbor voyeur is usually to see his subjects undress, naked or engaging in sex or masturbation. The neighbor voyeur has two typical methods:

  • To observe neighbor's backyard during daytime hoping the girl next door shows up topless or nude.
  • To observe neighbor's windows at night, especially the living room, bath room and sleep room. This is called night voyeurism. Neighbor voyeurism often aims at masturbation voyeurism.

Persons performing neighbor voyeurism are called neighbor voyeur.

Neighbor Voyeurism Photos

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