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Night voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on videotaping or photographing one's neighbors at night within illuminated rooms. The equipment consists of telescopes and telescopic lenses for high resolution cameras. Night voyeurs usually live across high raise condo buildings or across high raise hotels.

The main goal of a night voyeur is usually to see his subjects undress, naked or engaging in sex or female masturbation, where the later one is the preferred choice of almost every night voyeur. Many people who live in high rise buildings with hundreds of apartments or stay the night at a huge hotel with hundreds of rooms do not even think about the possibility that someone might be watching them through their window at night. During a conference in Las Vegas which was held at a hotel with two towers facing each either, Igor and crew counted roundabout 100 hotel rooms at night which allowed to look inside. For a range up to 300 yards/meter no special equipment is required: Almost every digital cam can zoom into that distance and can shoot brilliant photos by the simple use of a tripod (of course the flash should be turned off). The best "platform" to look into opposite rooms at night is the highest floor. Due to angle of looking mostly down it is easily possible to watch what is happening on and in beds or typically watch nude women getting out of the bathroom.

For further distances up to almost 1 mile telescopes can be used. Again: attaching a regular camera to a telescope will deliver clear photos for those distances as well.

The "neighboring" type of voyeurism is called neighbor voyeurism.

Night Voyeurism Photo Sample

Night Voyeurism
Night Voyeurism: Watching a fucking couple
Night Voyeurism: Watching a fucking couple

Typical Night Voyeurism Equipment

The classical equipment to voyeur neighbors at nite is the telescope. However telescopes depend very much on their fixed location. Since 2011 more and more sophisticated self-propelled neigbor spy devices are avaliable. The lower range of those "spy drones" are remote toy helicopters equipped with a cheap camera. One of the most sophisticated devices and Igor's favorite tool to look through neighbors windows is the DraganFly X6 spy drone: The Draganflyer X6 helicopter is a revolutionary reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV); it can be transported in a lightweight softshell pack with a military grade backpack while always being ready for flight in minutes. It operated in a complete "silent" mode and can not be detected by anyone. It features GPS navigation and aerial sensors.

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