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Nipple Introduction

Her two nipples are located near the center of each tit, surrounded by an area of sensitive, pigmented skin known as the areola. Nipples are considered an erogenous zone, but not necessarily for every woman. Some women get turned on, and in the extreme even reach an orgasm by touching their nipples( see nipple stimulation), while others feel nothing or even develop negative feelings. On the other side, most males are turned on by looking at or playing with female nipples. Female nipples are able to lactate after childbirth. Nipple are often decorated with nipple rings or nipple chains or nipple piercings. Nipples are subject to nipple slips and nipple oops as well as might shine through thin tops as poking nipples.

ES: Pezones. Les rodea la areola.

Types of Nipples

Nipples described by their nipple size:

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What Females do with their Nipples

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