Nipple masturbation

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Nipple masturbation is a method of female masturbation, where she focuses on nipple stimulation only to reach a nipple orgasm.

During nipple masturbation she typically uses both of her hands to stimulate both nipples simultaneously by nipple tweaking and pulling nipples. In order to reach a higher level of nipple self-stimulation, she might add the following options:

If her breast size allows her to reach her nipples with her mouth, she usually adds oral stimulation of her nipples to her nipple masturbation routine. It can be either selflicking or sucking on her own nipples or a combination of both.

The level of self-stimulation of her nipples is intensified until she reaches her nipple orgasm.

During pure nipple masturbation she does not touch her pussy or clit, but manages to climax by touching her breasts only during the entire process.

Nipple Masturbation Photos

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