Nipple stimulation

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Nipple stimulation is any type of action focusing on the nipples which leads to erected nipples and pleasurable or erotic feelings.

Nipples have many nerve endings and are very sensitive. Some women can even experience an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. During masturbation many females employ nipple stimulation to elevate their erotic feelings or to enhance their orgasmic experience (see Combined nipple and clit masturbation). Nipple stimulation is also a part of lesbian or hetero sexual activities. Some ladies are able to climax through pure nipple stimulation, called reaching a nipple orgasm. Self-stimulation of her nipples is called nipple masturbation. The extreme form of nipple stimulation is called nipple torture.

Nipple Stimulation

Common Methods of Nipple Stimulation

(Remember: Not all females enjoy nipple stimulation. Some nipples are too sensitive, some are not sensitive at all)

Nipple Stimulation

Caution: Nipple stimulation releases a hormone called oxytocin, which is responsible for the let-down reflex to start breastfeeding. (Oxytocin causes the milk to flow within the breast. Also, labor contractions are caused by large quantities of oxytocin.). Intensive sexual nipple stimulation performed frequently (like 4 times a week or more) may cause her breasts to develop milk (see lactation) even if she is not pregnant or breastfeeding. Although this can be true, woman and men should not be afraid of this because the stimulation required is excessive. Typically a woman cannot achieve this reaction, as their nipples will become sore and painful. Additionally, another hormone called prolactyn is required for the breast to produce milk. So have fun !

Preventing Nipple Stimulation

In order to prevent nipple stimulation, so-called chastity bras are used to lock away her nipples from access.

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