Nipple torture

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Nipple torture refers to sexual activities which highly stimulate nipples and areola, sometimes but not necessarily inflicting mild forms of pain. Until 20 years ago any type of nipple torture was considered BDSM, while these days nipple torture has become popular and normal. In other words: Nipple torture is the exreme form of nipple stimulation. Nipple torture can be performed by the partner as well by the girl herself during masturbation. The goal is to produce extreme erotic feeing by nipple stimulation: Some girls describe it as a kind of sensual radiation originating from the nipples. Basically most methods of nipple torture effect the blood flow within the sensitive nipples which leads to modified signals from the nerves located in her nipples.

The most common and popular nipple torture methods are:

A totally different approach to nipple torture is to prevent her from accessing her nipples by wearing a chastity bra.

Nipple clothespins are used for nipple torture
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