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An Oops situation (a.k.a. an Oops) is a spontaneous voyeuristic situation, where bystanders have the chance to see and to snapshot private body parts they are not supposed to see, especially tits, ass or pussy and also lingerie items as panties or bra. Most often the oops situation is caused by some kind of malfunction of her clothes.


Tits Oops

Tits oops means that almost all of at least one of her tits becomes visible in public without her intension. This often occurs during attempts of changing in public. Read more under the article Tits oops.

Nipple Oops

Nipple oops means that at least one of her nipples becomes visible in public without her intension. If this is caused by wardrobe malfunction, it is called nipple slip otherwise it is the more general nipple oops. As a milder type of nipple oops also pokies might be considered nipple oops situations.

Ass Oops

Short skirts and strong gusty winds create their own range of oops situations usually allowing a good view of her ass. A good place to spot ass oops with bikinis are pool ladders!

As do thongs. short skirts and escalators.

Pussy Oops

Some women forget to wear knickers with short skirts or go pantyless by intension and then also forget to keep their legs together when seated, getting out of limousines or looking at items on the bottom shelf in shops or supermarkets. Of course this usually allows a great view of her pussy. Another major pussy oops caused by malfunction of her clothes is the lip slip.

Bikini Oops

Bikinis are always good for unintended spontaneous oops situations listed under bikini oops.

See-Through Oops

Wearing see-through clothes without being aware of transparency of the fabric is a true oops situation and discussed under see-through in public.

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