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Painted tits is the art of using her tits as a canvas and painting them. Often the painting itself hides the fact that the person is topless. To paint tits is a type of body painting. The paint used to paint tits is a water based paint and is not likely to cause any allergies. The paint is very often applied by air brushing the paint onto her tits. The quality of the paint should be the same type of paint, which can be applied to the face: It should be non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Photos of Painted Tits

More Photos of Painted Tits

More photos and videos from amateurs and voyeurs showing painted tits are under Painted Tits Photo Blog

Popular Events for Painted Tits

Fantasy Fest is well known on the WIS section of VC for the candid capture of many people (women and men) who publicly participate in the parades in scanty costumes and/or body paint, where women mostly paint their tits.

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