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Panties are female lingerie.
Sexy Panty

The major purpose of panties is to cover her pussy in a very desirable way. Panties also prevent pussies from dripping their wet moisture onto the floor when wearing skirts while sexually aroused. The term spread through American culture in the 1950s after women's underwear became flashier and more colorful than traditional white cotton hygiene undergarments. In Europe, they are called knickers.

There are quite many different kinds of panties and there are fashion trends regarding panties as well as fetishes related to panties. The cut and style of the panty might produce cameltoes. If the panty comes in a set with a matching bra it is called lingerie set. Nowdays, young girls show a part of their panties on the top of the low waist pants. Pussy juice and create wet spots on panties. Also worth to mention: Panties are quite often a target of male masturbation. This habit is described under cum in panties. Panties are subject to panty voyeurism and upskirts. Not wearing a panty under her clothes is called pantyless. Panties are considered to appear sexy based on the fabric used or based on their design or both. Panties might create a visible panty line. Panties are subject to panty fetish and panty voyeurism as well as some people are buying and collecting used panties.


Panty Types

Panty Parts

Panty Fabrics

Panties are made of a variety of fabrics or materials, also in combinations of fabrics

Panty Colors

Of course panties come in many different colors. Panties can be unicolored (the entire panty has the same color), bicolored (a panty with two different colors) and multicolored. Following photo collections are available:

Panties with Attachments

Panty Related Fetishes

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  • Russian: трусы (a diminutive: трусики)
  • Spanish: bragas.
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