Panty voyeurism

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Panty voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on observing and documenting any type of panties on female bodies. If the panty voyeurism taste of some person goes so far that the panties do not even have to be on a female body while documented on camera, then we have a classical panty fetish. The panty voyeur is very general in his taste: A little peek of her panties above her jeans, a visible panty line and minimal see-through her pants or skirt will satisfy a panty voyeur.

More dedicated flavors of panty voyeurism are the so called pullme voyeurism and upskirt voyeurism and thong voyeurism and pantyline voyeurism, which all focus on special types of panties actually worn by a female or on special situations.

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Panty Voyeurism Photos

A panty voyeur does not need more view to become happy
A typical example of Panty Voyeurism via almost invisible see through
Panties turn a panty voyeur happy

Related Types of Panty Voyeur Photos

  • Thong voyeurism: Documenting thongs shining through fabric or visible above the waist line of her pants.
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