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Pantyhose are sheer, close fitting coverings of the body from the waist to the feet covering the entire leg and worn by women as well as male fags. Like stockings, they are usually made of nylon. The one-piece pantyhose garment appeared in the 1960s and provided a convenient alternative to stockings (nylons). A pantyhose can turn legs into sexy legs.

The term 'pantyhose' originated in the United States, referring to the combination of 'panties' (an American term for women's underpants) with sheer nylon hosiery. In the United Kingdom, they are called tights, a term that refers to all such garments regardless of whether they are sheer lingerie or sturdy outerwear. Pantyhose is considered lingerie by those with the subject fetish.

If some person gets sexually around by looking at ladies wearing pantyhoses it is called pantyhose fetish or nylon fetish. Pantyhoses are subject of voyeurism as well as photos of candid women as discussed under candid pantyhose and pantyhose upskirt. If the pantyhose does not cover her feet, it is not a a pantyhose but leggings or yoga pants.

Pantyhoses are prerequisites for following sexual activities:

A special patented model of pantyhose has been manufactured by 'Wolford' since 1983: They are a seamless-crotch pantyhose. 'Wolford' pantyhoses are considered to be a classy sexual style because they do not have disturbing seams or different material at the crotch region. If the crotch region is not covered at all, it is called a crotchless pantyhose. Wearing a pantyhose with no panty beneath it is called pantyless pantyhose.


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