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The pantyhose fetish is a relatively mild sexual fetish involving women's pantyhose (sheer tights in UK). The fetish first commonly occurs in childhood or (less so) in adolescence.

Pantyhose fetishism usually manifests itself in one or more of the following ways:

There are several reasons for women to wear pantyhose, each a possible reason for the allure of pantyhose fetishism:

  • They remove the appearance of blemishes, making the legs “perfect”.
  • Thighs and buttocks encased in pantyhose appear firm and fit, flaws like cellulite are not visible.
  • The reflectiveness of the material, coupled with the way they appear less transparent at the edges, often gives legs more contrast and definition, as though lit by dramatic lighting. This accentuates the curves of the legs, making them less “flat”, and can also make legs appear slimmer (with dark pantyhose).
  • They often have a silky texture which is pleasing to both the wearer and her partner.
  • They enhance the pleasure (and anticipation) associated with the removal of a woman’s clothes. Not only serving as an additional item to be removed; they allow the exciting moment of exposure to be drawn out much longer than other clothing items, as the pantyhose are slowly pulled down the legs. In addition to this, they do not actually hide what they cover.
  • The slipperiness and smoothness of sheer pantyhose and stockings also makes women's low cut court shoes slip off more easily. This vulnerability is often sexually attractive, and can often result in the women engaging in shoe dangling or shoe play which is also appealing to shoe and foot fetishists.

A more extreme type of pantyhose fetish is called nylon fetish.

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Alysha trying to trigger your pantyhose fetish
The aftermath of pantyhose fetish fun
A torn pantyhose

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